Press Clippings for Raw Love Sunscreen

Hawaii Reef Safe Sunscreen

Rolling Stone

7/1/2021 – The Best Reef-Safe, Eco-Friendly Sunscreens by Rolling Stone®
Motivated by her background in ocean conservation and marine biology and a desire to live plastic-free, Jenna Davis started whipping up non-nano zinc oxide, cold-pressed organic and plant-based SPF 35 in her Maui kitchen a few years ago. Then she started selling her rockabilly mermaid-repped batches at farmer’s markets and it took off because, as it turns out, many others were looking for reef-safe broad spectrum coverage that didn’t sting their eyes, went on smoothly and was so gentle it could be used on babies. Its minty sinus-clearing scent and recyclable aluminum jars are added bonuses.


Summer 2021 – The top 10 sunscreens for everyday use.” by
Raw Love 4 oz Reef Safe Sunscreen was featured in an article just published by Tajmeeli, which is dedicated to helping Arabic speakers make better decisions about their beauty and has millions of visitors. We are thrilled, thank you!

Beauty Tap

9/17/2020 – I Tried Raw Love Sunscreen (One of the Most Natural, Reef-Safe Sunscreens) — Here’s Everything You Need to Know by Beauty Tap

“Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you can now forget about protecting your skin from the sun. This is the eco-friendly, natural sunscreen you need ALL YEAR LONG.”

7/2020 – These Top Five Mineral Sunscreens Are Safe And Effective by Beauty Tap

The Hollywood Reporter

7/5/2019 – As Hollywood Hits the Beach, Experts Weigh in on the Dangers of Chemical Sunscreens by The Hollywood Reporter

“Both Owen Wilson and Molly Shannon use Hawaii-based,  Raw Love sunscreen. Sold at food and wellness epicenter Erewhon Market, the ultra-pure formulation is made with less than ten “100 percent all natural, plant based ingredients” such as cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, raw shea butter and carrot seed oil.”

Conde Nast Traveler

6/10/2019 – 11 Reef-Safe Sunscreens We Love  by Condé Nast Traveler®

4/19/2019 – Jenna Davis’s Raw Love by WomanScape

Honolulu Magazine

10/30/2018 – A Local’s Guide to Buying Reef-Safe Sunscreen by Honolulu Magazine