reef safe sunscreen

Reef Safe Sunscreen

The #1 reason we created Raw Love reef safe sunscreen: To help preserve and protect coral reefs and marine life on planet earth.

reef safe sunscreen And we’ve come a long way from our first batch of reef safe sunscreen! We now offer a full line of reef safe sunscreen products with various options to meet your needs and preferences.

In 2015, Jenna Davis created Raw Love reef safe sunscreen on the island of Maui, Hawaii. As an avid PADI dive master and SNUBA instructor — constantly on the water and in the sun — she wanted to protect her skin and tattoos. But she also wanted to avoid chemical sunscreens that stung her eyes and had potential to harm the reef and her body.

Sun protection is something we all use on a regular basis, and as Jenna began to question the consequences of using various sunscreens, she decided to take action.

Combining her past studies in marine biology and months of research and trials, Jenna developed an eco-friendly, reef friendly, biodegradable, moisturizing mineral sunscreen. You will feel protected and your skin will feel loved when using this reef-friendly sunscreen. Check out our sunscreen ingredients—safe for the entire family.

She designed a non-toxic sunscreen with high quality ingredients that is safe for everyday use. Raw Love is just starting on an exciting journey into educating and promoting healthy living.

Fast forward, now it’s 2024 and Raw Love reef safe sunscreen is sold across the USA, throughout Hawaii and with retailers around the globe. We are so proud of how far we’ve come as a reef safe sunscreen!