The Beginning of Raw Love Sunscreen

Each year Hawaiʻi is a destination visited by nearly 10 million tourists. With the UV index being at alarmingly high, between 10-12 in the summer months, eco-friendly sunscreen is the best choice now for skin protection. Other options to protect oneself from the sun include wearing long sleeves, pants, rash guards, and hats. But many people choose to bare their skin and use sunscreen. Some statistics say the average person uses 1-3 ounces of sunscreen per day. This is a very high amount, considering the 10 million tourists who visit the Hawaiian islands. Let’s say that each tourist uses the maximum amount of sunscreen—which is 3 ounces, that results in 1,875,000 pounds of sunscreen per year! Unfortunately many sunscreen ingredients harm corals and sea life and should not be used in the ocean.

In early 2015, Raw Love’s founder Jenna Davis was working as a dive master and SNUBA instructor on Maui. She clearly saw what was happening to the reef and decided to make a move. The soon-to-be small business owner created Raw Love as a product to help preserve oceans and marine life, and to protect and benefit your skin. Raw Love Sunscreen is a mineral sunscreen, it is reef safe, water resistant, baby safe, face safe, and moisturizing.

When she started out on Maui, little did Jenna know she would be creating one of the best reef safe sunscreens the coral reef has ever seen! Raw Love, born on Maui, is a reef-safe Hawaii company leading the reef safe sunscreen movement locally and in the mainland USA. Sunscreen education is paramount to saving sea life, and getting familiar with truly reef friendly sunscreen ingredients is important for all sunscreen consumers.

Once Raw Love Sunscreen hit the islands, it quickly gained popularity, with every application! Jenna went to any and all public events to promote her all-natural Hawaii mineral sunscreen and Raw Love joined many local health food stores, gift shops, dive shops, and a handful of other stores. At its beginning, Raw Love Sunscreen was still very small and the reef safe movement was equally small, and we’ve grown together. Jenna also became an active member in the ban on chemical sunscreen ingredients. More on that later!

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