organic baby balm

Why Choose an Organic Baby Balm?

Raw Love’s Organic Baby Balm is an incredibly soothing and luxurious organic baby moisturizer with all-in-one benefits that will help moisturize your skin and your infant’s as well. Live your healthiest life and support your baby’s optimum health using organic baby skincare products for your baby’s skincare needs.

organic baby moisturizer

After becoming a mother, owner and founder of Raw Love Sunscreen Jenna Davis decided to invest in a new product line for baby skincare. After dreaming of one magic product for all of her family’s sensitive skin care needs, Jenna created this velvety smooth potion—perfect for diaper rash, cradle cap, sore nursing nipples and dry skin.

Give your skin some love with this all-over gentle moisturizer.

organic baby balm moisturizer

Use this all in one balm for head-to-toe hydration. Safe for all ages, face and body. Use it for dry skin, tattoos, baby massage, diaper balm, cradle cap (apply, let sit and comb out), minor cuts and scrapes, tattoos, dry or cracked nipples for nursing mothers, safe for nursing baby, after sun moisturizer, etc.

Crafted especially for families using simple, clean ingredients.

All Raw Love skincare products are free from harmful toxic chemicals. Our ingredients promote healthy soft skin. You can feel confident using our baby balm and our mineral sunscreens because their ingredients are all natural. One of your skin’s main functions is to protect your body from harmful temperatures, bacteria and chemicals.

Protect your skin with natural skincare products like Raw Love Sunscreen. Stock up today on a Baby bundle or a Family pack.

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  1. Jessica Hung says:

    This Raw Love Sunscreen article outlines the advantages of using organic baby balm. It emphasizes the necessity of using natural and organic substances on a baby’s sensitive skin. The article delves into the calming and nourishing properties of organic baby balm, highlighting its significance in moisturizing and protecting the skin. It also addresses common concerns and explains the potential advantages of specific substances found in organic baby balms. Overall, this post is a useful resource for parents looking for organic skincare solutions for their children.


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