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Visiting Hawaii – A Few Tips For Your Vacation

Visiting Hawaii can be a life changing experience for you and your family. The warm tropical ocean and beautiful sandy beaches are welcoming and beautiful.

mineral sunscreen

No matter which Hawaiian island you choose to visit, there here are some of our best tips for making the most of your visit.

  1. Research activities before your trip to determine some of the activities in Hawaii you’d like to experience. Some of the most popular activities for travelers are: Snorkeling, Boat Cruises, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, and Hiking. Each island has different opportunities for surfing, hiking, snorkeling, etc. Some spots are suitable for beginners where others are recommended for people with intermediate or advanced experience. Always be aware of your own skill level and those of others in your group. Small children need to be continuously watched near the ocean.
  2. Check out the various accommodation options to find the best choice for your needs on the island you’re visiting. You’ll see a wide range of resorts and hotel choices — from ultra luxurious Ritz-Carlton properties, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott properties — as well as lower budget options from AirBnb or VRBO or private vacation rental companies in Hawaii. Your accommodations are important so it’s best to start looking at least 6-12 months early to get the best price and options for your travel group.
  3. Determine your transportation options. If you’re staying in resort area that has everything you need, you might opt to use Uber instead of renting a car for your entire trip. There are major car rental companies as well as smaller local island rental car companies that may have cheaper and budget rental cars if that suits you.
  4. Most visitors to Hawaii aren’t yet aware that we have a serious sunscreen ban in effect. The state of Hawaii banned sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate and Maui County has its own sunscreen ban as well. We don’t allow chemical sunscreens to be sold or used in Hawaii, however many people are ignorant of that and continue brining in toxic chemical sunscreens that are harmful to marine life. Please kokua and pick up your favorite reef safe mineral sunscreen for your Hawaii vacation. If you need help finding where to buy Raw Love once you’ve landed, check out our retail store page for mineral sunscreen on Maui and mineral sunscreen in Hawaii.


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