best mineral sunscreen for face

The best mineral sunscreen for face skin care

At a trade show, I heard from a woman that she had tried dozens of the best mineral sunscreens and none of them worked well for her daily face skin care routine. She told me she had looked everywhere, online and in retail stores, for the best mineral sunscreen for face and body because she really wanted better sun protection for her face — and she only wanted to carry one product that fit easily in her purse.

When I handed her a tube of Raw Love’s newest dreamy lotion formula mineral sunscreen in a tube, that is safe to take on airplanes, by the way, she lit up. It was exactly what she had been searching for.

So which is better? Our fragrance free mineral sunscreen tube or our mineral sunscreen tins with essential oils? You decide… but most people love both!

It turns out, she also fell in love with our original mineral sunscreen with essential oils which gives it a unique uplifting scent of aromatherapy plus awesome sun protection.

Shop for both products below – click the image:

mineral sunscreen tube

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